Are Everest Chews Healthy for my dog?

Unlike many other dog treats on the market, our dog chews only contain 4 ingredients consisting of yak milk, cow milk, traceable amount of salt, and lime juice. Completely natural with no artificial flavours, fillers or preservatives. They are also grain free, soy free and because of the process used to create our chews, they are virtually lactose free as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more concerns. 


What size chew should I buy?

We offer three different sized chews. Our small chew contains multiple small pieces ideal for dogs 15 pounds and under, medium for dogs 35 pounds and under and lastly our large chew which is ideal for dogs 55 pounds and under. 


Where does your chews come from?

Our Everest Chews are created by local farmers in Nepal. We take it upon ourselves to educate our farmers to ensure quality. The manufactured Everest Dog Chews are transported from the local farmers to our warehouse. The best portions of our goods are shipped to be sold. 


What do I do with the little pieces of chews?

When your chews get too tiny your dog to chew, you can microwave the pieces for 35-45 seconds until it puffs. Be sure to let what is now a cheese puff cool down for at least 3 minutes before you serve it back to your dog.


What is your return policy?

All sales are final, we do not accept returns once the package has been opened. If your chew has been damaged, lost or stolen during the shipping process, we will refund your money or ship another chew free of charge.